I had an idea for a Twitter bot, because why not? One of the things I love about programming is that you can just get an idea and make it, it’s all about creation.

So this Twitter bot ws to check for any accidents or delays to my commute. Simple.

Add a few keywords in and search.. ok, why not make it a cron, check it for my commute to and from work, easy.

Ok, so why would I really want to limit myself to hard coding these keywords? Google Maps Directions would surely get most of this information for me, and they have a free API. I’m fairly sure that I could connect my Google account up to this in some way, and from there I would be able to select a number of origins and destinations.. Gopogle most likely even knows roughly what time I am most likely to leave the destination too.. but that might be a step for the next iteratrion.

If you would ever want to try this for yourself, it will work in any country that has Google maps and Twitter, which I would imagine is most by now. The instructions are on the repository. The API keys and a heroku server are all free to use, especially in the frequency that this app would be used. I hope it is of benefit to you.

Please contact me via Tumblr, Twitter or GitHub with any suggestions or findings.

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