This seemed like the obvious thing to make at the time. I won’t lie, I watched and enjoyed Love Island (essentially Big Brother in the sun), mainly because it’s hilarious to see how insecure and annoying people are that pretty deluded about their self worth. I don’t doubt they’re all fine people in their own rights, but most people would get cabin fever before 6 weeks is up.

My game is simply a version of bingo. When you’re next watching an episode of Love Island (possibly even Towie or something similar) with friends or a partner (or by yourself, i’m not judging). Open this game on your laptop, ipad or phone and whenever a love islander says a word on your randomly populated board, press it. Get a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line.. and you win.. you can decide what you win. Most likely bragging rights, or getting the loser to make a cup of tea.

Hosted on Heroku, written in nodejs, rendered by pugjs.

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